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C.7 - Shade

Ezekiel Rage

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( 9 Chapters )

Publisher's summary Void Comics

Jara Bint Rih got injured during World War 3 and spent the last three yeas of her life in search of a suit she hoped would restore her ability to walk. She and her best friend Lucia Mason found the suit when they were attacked by a gang. But Jara managed to fend the gang off by using the suit. Now, as Shade, Jara is out to fight for justice. She recently ran into somebody who seemed to knew her, wearing a flying suit with huge wings and using a device called "The Disruptor". During their fight, the villain used the Disruptor to amplify his powers. Shade still defeated him and the Disruptor was seemingly lost...

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Chapter : 7 - Hunting Mantis, Part 1