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V.1 - Aloma

Alfonso Font

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( 2 Volumes )

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Volume : 1/2 - The Treasure of the Thrill Seeker

Publisher's summary SAF Comics

Aloma lives and works in Barcelona with her uncle Cyrus, an antiquarian and restorer of works of art of all kinds. In his huge shop, he keeps the last remnants of an old galleon, the Thrill Seeker, in which a few gangsters suspect part of the treasure it once transported. This will put the lives of the protagonists in danger again and again throughout the story. Cyrus and Aloma hire Gerald Quer, a private investigator, to find the treasure, if it really exists. Some traces lead Gerald to Panama, where Aloma wants to sell a Vermeer painting to a millionaire. Gerald decides to accompany her and the suspicion grows in him that Aloma is hiding a very dark secret. But on the island of San Jose, where the Thrill Seeker landed four hundred years earlier, a deadly threat awaits...

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