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V.5 - Rivers of London

Ben Aaronovitch  & Andrew Cartmel  & Lee Sullivan  & Luis Guerrero

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Publisher's summary Titan Comics

Little Anna Nestorovna Yakunima has been kidnapped. Again. But this time it wasn’t Ludmila, her mother. Ludmila is in prison for the first bungled kidnapping but is still expected to come up with the ransom. The problem is that Anna wasn’t the only target. Also snatched was Abigail, protégée of DC Peter Grant of the Special Assessment Unit, London’s premier (and only) wizarding police unit. Then there’s also the question of what role Dan Russell, a large talking fox, had to play in all of this… An all-new Rivers of London story written by Ben Aaronovitch and Andrew Cartmel, taking place after the events of the novel ‘The Hanging Tree’ and comic series ‘Detective Stories’.

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Volume : 5/7 - Rivers of London - Volume 5 - Cry Fox - Chapter 2