The character Uomo Nero is present in many cultures, not just Italy. He is found in the United States as the Boogeyman, in Mexico as El Cucuy. In France he is called Croquemitaine, in Australian, Bunip... Different names, different appearances, but always the same character with the same terrifying mission... Luc is a 10 year old child, a very special one...He is the biggest coward the world has ever seen!Luc is afraid of going outside: he is afraid of strangers, of school and teachers; he is afraid of finding himself in the middle of a crowd, but also finding himself alone. He is afraid of cars, animals- large as well as small, of insects and of germs. But above all, he is afraid of the dark... and especially the Uomo Nero lurking in dark corners. Luc's small brain works tirelessly to create new nightmares. His biggest fear would be to kidnapped by Uomo nero and be dragged into the darkest of dark. And that's a real shame, because that is exactly what has just happened to him... With an original style and full of color, the authors invite us to discover a dreamlike world, imbued with poetry, which is reminiscent of Tim Burton. This captivating one-shot feels like a real journey of discovery, reminding everyone of their ownprivate fears.

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T1 Le coeur de l'ombre


Luc a 10 ans, et il a peur de tout, surtout de l'Uomo nero, sombre héros d'une berceuse que lui chante sa grand-mère italienne. « Idioties ! » s'exclame son père. Pourtant, Luc n'a peut-être pas tort d'avoir peur... Avec ce one shot, Marco Cosimo d'Amico nous plonge au tréfonds de nos terreurs enfantines. Un voyage entre le merveilleux et l'univers des cauchemars que Roberto Ricci et Laura Iorio mettent en scène comme un théâtre d'ombres aux ambiances fantasmagoriques.

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