"Brussels, December 1938. Thierry Laudacieux is little boy who loves comics. He has never suspected there is anything odd about his neighbour, Isidore Hogier, who works as a presenter at the National Institute of Radio Broadcasting. That is, until the day she asks him to run an errand for her: he must go to a secret rendezvous and pick up a mysterious package. Needless to say, Thierry has to find out more. It turns out that Hogier is really the head of a counter-espionage network called Madou, and that they have reason to believe that one of their members has double-crossed them! With the Thierry's help, Hogier will have to investigate to find out which of the six members of her team is a double agent. A classic in the great Belgian ""ligne claire"" tradition, originally published in 1982 by Casterman. This new updated edition, which sees the dialogue modernised and the colours completely reworked, is also packed with extras, including brand new illustrations and a feature on Brussels and its buildings."

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Retour sur une enquête 100% bruxelloise!Bruxelles, décembre 1938. Thierry Laudacieux, un jeune garçon passionné de BD, se voit confier une mission par son voisin, Isidore Hogier : il s'agit de récupérer discrètement un paquet... Hogier, qui travaille à la radio, révèle à l'adolescent intrigué qu'il dirige un réseau de contre-espionnage appelé « Madou », et que l'un des membres de ce réseau les trahit... Mais lequel ?

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