Meet the most famous genius in the world of comics! Created by Bob de Groot and Turk (later succeeded by Zidrou), Léonard spends his time inventing machines and experiments that do not usually end well. Why such bad luck? Between the oversized ego of this sixteenth-century Italian (who bears more than a passing resemblance to Da Vinci) and his lazy and somewhat dim-witted assistant, Basile, the experiments often do not go as planned. But, as Basile likes to say, “Science is my master and my greatest joy.” A classic humorous Franco-Belgian comic to be discovered without delay!

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T1 Leonardo


Leonardo is a genius. Full of boundless energy, he spends his days tinkering with his inventions and trying to solve life's scientific mysteries... often to the detriment of his poor 'disciple', who is willing to go to the most extreme lengths in the service of science. Welcome to a world of discovery, fun and pure madness!

T2 Leonardo


Profit margins, inventions without a purpose, lost jewelry—these are just a few of the everyday problems you face when you're Leonardo, the world-famous genius. Things only get more difficult when you throw in an injury-prone disciple whose own inventions all seem to go "boom!" Who knows? Someday the pupil might surpass the master—if he can ever manage to get up before the sun goes down!

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