"Our world, in the near future. The nation states have disappeared. The population is now divided into Enclaves, inhabited by wealthy citizens, and Territories, lawless areas where residents can be expelled or reallocated to production areas. As a member of an intervention section, Vivian suffers reoccurring nightmares where he dreams he is responsible for the destruction of Enclaves he was supposed to protect... While they carry out a security task in the Territory of Buenos Aires, Vivian and his intervention section capture an illegal immigrant. The illegal citizen announces the arrival of the thing that will free the outcasts from the Territories and the exploited workers of the production zones: the Tiqqun. But before he can say more, the man is suddenly killed. But Vivian wants to find out more. What is this mysterious Tiqqun? And could it really change the world?"

3 Tomes
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