Jazz Maynard

Double Eagle


Résumé de l’éditeur Europe Comics

Jazz Maynard is a virtuoso trumpeter and a skilled burglar. As kids, he and his partner-in-crime, Teo, had to learn the laws of the street in El Raval pretty quickly. Jazz tried to get away from it all by going to New York, but his dark past eventually caught up with him. And now his unparalleled skills as a burglar are called for once again, this time by Judas, mafia boss of El Raval and Jazz's childhood friend. Judas has blackmailed Jazz into accepting the job by threatening his sister's life. Judas knows full well that Jazz is the only one who'll be able to get to the rare and highly prized "Double Eagle" coin, currently in the possession of a fearsome Romanian crime boss. But there are strange forces at work, and Jazz comes up against some unexpected competition...

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