T.3 - Ordinary

Issue 3


Résumé de l’éditeur Titan Comics

‘Surreal and lovely, one of the most beautiful books of the year.’ – Warren Ellis ‘Rob and D’Israeli craft an uncut diamond of a premise into a warm, witty and wonderfully illustrated gem. This is lovely comics.’ – Al Ewing One day divorced plumber Michael Fisher work up in his crummy one-bedroom apartment in Queens, New York, and discovered that everyone on Planet Earth had gained superpowers… apart from him. The most ordinary man alive has now made it into Manhattan, hoping to rescue his estranged son, Josh, from the creature trapping him in his school. Meanwhile, the Vice-President has effectively staged a coup, taking command of an America braced for super-powered war. And he will go to any length to prevent Dr. Tara McDonald, the Scottish genome scientist finding a cure for this plague… With #3, this brilliant series by writer Rob Williams (The Royals: Masters of War, Revolutionary War, Trifecta) and artist D’Israeli (Scarlet Traces, War of the Worlds) reaches its cunning and deviously clever finale! Rob Williams et D’Israeli 2014.

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