Simon Furman & Hendry Prasetya & Marco Lesko


Résumé de l’éditeur Titan Comics

The people of Earth have been led to believe that the SDF-1 has been destroyed. Earth’s leaders don’t want the populace to panic about the emergence of the Zentraedi, and they also believe that the SDF-1’s presence is a danger to Earth. After an attack in Earth’s orbit by the Zentraedi, Earth’s leaders prepare to take drastic measures – involving “Project: Grand Cannon”… Meanwhile, Zentraedi spies Bron, Rico, and Konda are aboard the SDF-1, and Azonia and Khyron continue to scheme against Breetai… Also, a deadly version of Roy is causing trouble on the SDF-1, while the real Roy has been taken prisoner by Dr Lazlo Zand who promises to reveal secrets of the SDF-1’s history.

Suite du résumé

Robotech - Volume 4 - Chapter 2