"Charlene first became an investigating magistrate for the military because she wanted to get to know and understand her fellow man better. Now in Baghdad, she is confronted with the most gruesome side of humanity: a particularly nasty serial killer whose racially-motivated murders would totally destabilize the already tense situation in Iraq if ever word were to get out. It is up to her now to lead the investigation. But nothing could possibly prepare her for the difficulties she'll face in country where the law is decided only by private security firms hired by the Americans..."

Trier par : Ancien

Bagdad Inc.


It's Bagdad 2004. There are almost as many fighters in the private armies as there are official soldiers. When one of these mercenaries falls into homicidal madness and starts killing Iraqi civilians, the American government fear an international scandal. A young military legal advisor and a laconic ex-mercenary are sent on the trail of the killer.

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