"Mehdi is a young thief from the back alleys of the Caliphate of Abu, but he has always dreamt of something more. One day he finds himself, purely by accident, sitting the entrance exams for the Hikmadrassa, the most famous school of alchemy on the continent. Despite knowing nothing about spells, enchantments or Golams, he soon discovers that he has his own special power, unique in the world of alchemy. In the world of Golams, Mehdi will not only meet his first real friends, Doug and Jia, but he will come to understand his true origins and embrace his destiny, even if that means writing a new page in the history of Abu..."

Trier par : Ancien

T1 Golam


Through a series of strange circumstances, Mehdi, a pickpocket making his living in the streets of the Abu caliphate, finds himself partaking in the entrance exam for Hikmadrassa, the most prestigious alchemy school on the continent. He might not know much about enchantments, spells and conjuring up golams, but he will soon discover that he's got a rare power all of his own! As he dives into the world of the golams, Medhi not only meets his first true friends, but he also comes to understand his origins and turns to face his destiny!

T2 Golam


After an eventful entrance contest, Medhi has only one thing on his mind: getting out of this crazy school as soon as possible! But nobody gets into Hikmadrassa by chance. Even though this particular young man clearly has not even the slightest talent in alchemy or the motivation to even show up for his classes, he soon sees that this magical place holds the secret of his origins... and his first true friends!

T3 Golam


Deep in the underground tunnels beneath Hikmadrassa, the famed school for alchemists, terrible battles are being waged: Mehdi and a strange creature claiming to be his kin must fight off a powerful entity with ominous plans and a nearly invicible golam, while the rest of the gang must escape and defeat two horrific and hungry monsters, which will require teamwork and quick thinking. Lessons are learned, skills are honed, friendships are sealed, and one boy's unexpected origins are revealed in this humorous and action-packed final installment of the series.

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