"Jeremy is the n° 1 Dutch-language children's comic series in Belgium, with over 1 million copies sold every year. Jeremy is a young boy who lives in a village called Sunnytown. With his parrot Phil, his best friend Frankie, and his many other friends, he has incredible adventures all over the world. Whereas Frankie can be a bit of a rogue, Jeremy is a real hero. Together, united by their unconditional friendship, they can take on anything that comes their way. Wonderful family fun!"

Trier par : Ancien

T1 Jeremy


Frankie wins the first prize in a contest: a round-the-world trip with four friends aboard the Silver Wave. Little do they know that James, their arch enemy, is watching them, patiently waiting to teach Jeremy and his friends a little lesson... But not everything goes as planned.

T2 Jeremy


In the middle of the night, Jeremy receives a phone call from professor Braynard. The world famous inventor is really excited... Jeremy has to go see him immediately, because he just invented something really special! Thanks to his wisdom elixir, children will never have to go to school again. Jeremy tries it and indeed... The elixir works! In no time, the children are in charge...

T3 Jeremy


Frankie fell in love with an Indian princess the moment he saw her picture in the newspaper. But the beautiful young girl is missing. The authorities even believe she was kidnapped. Frankie takes the first plane to India, determined to find, rescue and marry her...

T4 Jeremy


When Jeremy finds a newspaper with an ad for a peculiar contest, Suzy suggests Frankie should participate. A soap factory is looking for someone who is prepared to keep away from water and soap for three months. For Frankie, not having to shower for three months is a dream come true. For his mother, it's an absolute nightmare...

T5 Jeremy


On land, at sea, and in the air... In his latest adventure, Jeremy is confronted with plastic trash wherever he goes! Enough is enough, and so he asks Professor Braynard to invent a machine to remove the plastic waste from the rivers and the seas. And the professor has just the thing: the "Plastic Hunter," a whale made of recycled plastic that transforms plastic waste into green energy. They quickly set about turning his plans into reality, but alas, not everyone has good intentions... A couple of villains have other plans for Professor Braynard's phenomenal invention!

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