Lady Hastings’ husband, Lord Byron, has set off in search of the mysterious treasure of Guayanacapac in faraway South America, leaving her alone in England. The young lady, left to her own devices and bored out of her mind, begins a number of romantic affairs. That is, until a member of her husband’s team returns with the order to sell all of their possessions to raise a fleet and she finds herself ruined. Given her limited prospects, she decides to join the hunt for the treasure with the help of a certain Long John Silver, a man with a mysterious past. A deadly quest to find the greatest treasure known to man thus begins in a story that takes place long after Long John Silver’s adventures with Captain Flint. In this magnificent and thrilling series, the authors, Xavier Dorison and Mathieu Lauffray, imagined what happened after Robert Louis Stevenson’s famous novel, Treasure Island. Don’t miss out on the adventure and take the plunge into the golden age of piracy!

Trier par : Ancien

T1 Long John Silver


Twenty years after the events of Treasure Island, Lady Vivian Hastings knocks on Dr Livesey’s door. Her hated husband has sent word from the Amazon: He has found the fabled city of Guiana-Capac, and his brother is to sell the entire domain to pay for an expedition, dispossessing Vivian in the process. So the lady has come to seek the one man who can help her: Long John Silver...

T2 Long John Silver


The long journey of the Neptune is well underway. Lady Vivian is counting on her associate Long John Silver to take control of the expedition. But Silver doesn’t have enough men to take over the ship, and Captain Hastings doesn’t trust him. In the close quarters of a tall ship, tensions rise; betrayal looms… Blood will be spilled before the vessel reaches the Amazon, and a single act of routine brutality will throw the Neptune into a maelstrom of death.

T3 Long John Silver


The bloody mutiny was a success, and Long John is now in command of the Neptune. Following their native guide, the survivors find the mouth of the Amazon and sail on towards Guiana-Capac. But after the dangers of the open ocean, it’s the unknown terrors of the jungle they must now face ̶̶̶ with a damaged ship and a reduced crew. To what doom will the lush labyrinth of the Amazon lead Long John, Lady Vivian and Dr Livesey?

T4 Long John Silver


The Neptune is gone, stolen by the Indian guide Moc, or maybe by Guiana-Capac’s malevolent gods. The last members of the ill-fated expedition—Silver, Dantzig, Livesey and Bonnet—are stranded in the ancient city. Far from being broken, however, they will face head-on what lies inside the gargantuan ruin, each for his own reasons: revenge, duty, gold... or to rescue the beautiful Lady Hastings. For Moc isn’t done with them, and he has plans for Vivian.

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