"Maggy Garrisson? My god! It's the new series from Lewis Trondheim, with artwork from Stéphane Oiry. Maggy is a modern day detective, as deeply English as Sherlock Holmes, but far more hilarious, not to mention crafty! Maggy is currently unemployed, but, with the help of a friend, she has just found a job working as a secretary for a private detective. Naturally sarky, she decides to keep her comments to herself for once... But it doesn' t stop her from thinking up insults about everyone and everything around her! A vitriolic vision of society that the reader will discover through an ingenious internal narrative..."

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T1 Maggy Garisson


Even the infamous English rain can't dampen Maggy Garrisson's spirits as she walks through the London streets to her first job in two years. The shabby detective agency run by a hopeless, chain-smoking alcoholic might not exactly be her cup of tea, but Maggy's willing to make concessions. The plot thickens when her boss gets beaten unconscious, and Maggy discovers a wallet full of seemingly trivial objects. But why's she suddenly attracting all this unwanted attention? Perhaps there's something in that wallet that's more than it seems...

T2 Maggy Garisson


Maggy's got a new man, a new case to solve... and a nice little jackpot of 15,000 pounds. Problem is, the means by which she got said jackpot were perhaps not entirely above board. So, in spite of this sudden change in the wind, Maggy has to act just like nothing ever happened. Most of all, so as not to raise any suspicions in Sheena. Bent cop though she may be, she's still a cop, all the same... 

T3 Maggy Garisson


The London rain is lashing down as usual, but the good news is, detective Maggy has new mysteries to solve, ranging from a funeral company doing dodgy dealings in gold teeth, to a bookshop assistant lifting cash from the till. But these petty crimes pale by comparison to the mess that Maggy and her new man have got themselves into. Things take a turn for the worse when the vengeful Sheena shows up on Maggy's doorstep...

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