For the Campbells, piracy is a lifestyle!Campbell, a true pirate legend, has quit the business after the murder of his wife to raise his daughters in peace, away from the painful memories of his past. However, it soon catches up with him in the form of Carapepino, a foolish pirate desperate to gain the favour of the infamous Inferno, a fearsome and formidable pirate who is none other than the unpunished murderer of Icata and Geneva's mother. Haunted by his past actions, Inferno wants to be rid the entire Campbell family, once and for all. Campbell and his daughters are forced to flee, taking refuge in a leper colony, but the confrontation seems inevitable. However, the links between Campbell and Inferno may be even more complex than they seem... This breathtaking adventure, given life by Munuera's sharp and incisive graphics, and enhanced by Sedyas' sumptuous colours, combines snappy humour with piratical adventure in an entirely original way, thanks to two young heroines who bring a very human side to the story and involve the reader like never before.

Trier par : Ancien

T1 The Campbells


After his wife's brutal murder, Campbell, a pirate legend, gave up his life on the open seas to raise his two young daughters in peace. But, inevitably, his past eventually catches up with him in the form of Carapepino, a pretentious but clumsy pirate, desperately trying to win favour with the infamous Inferno. For his own sinister reasons, Inferno wants more than anything to get rid of Campbell and his offspring, once and for all. But Campbell and Inferno are bound to each other in ways that those around them would never have guessed...

T2 The Campbells


Following Captain Inferno's discovery of his whereabouts, Campbell and his two young daughters have been forced to flee their home and seek refuge on Bakalaoo Island, the leper colony. The slow pace of life in their new home gives Campbell plenty of time to reflect on his past, including his early encounters with enigmatic Nancy, the mother of his children, and his brother's vendetta against the formidable Captain Morgan, whose true identity remains a mystery. Meanwhile, Carapepino is up to no good again, and teenage Itaca is suffering her first heartbreak.

T3 The Campbells


Itaca is sure that something bad has happened when Campbell never shows up to collect her and Genova from the bookstore in town. And her fears are not unfounded... it turns out that Campbell has been kidnapped for mysterious reasons somehow connected with his estranged villain of a brother, Inferno. The Campbell girls prove themselves worthy of their pirate heritage as they launch a rescue mission for their dad, with a little help from their trusty friends and allies.

T4 The Campbells


Everybody's noticed that Campbell's been acting strangely. What they don't know is that his destiny on the high seas is catching up with him, despite his best intentions. Times are changing, and the golden age of piracy is threatened by a different kind of lawlessness; one driven by power and politics, conducted from high society drawing rooms. How far will Campbell have to go to defend the freedom that pirates stand for?

T5 The Campbells


A daring quest to find the treasure of San Brandamo leads the Campbell crew to the gates of hell. On the other side, all kinds of surprises await them. However, they're not the only ones on the trail... It's time for Campbell to come face to face with his estranged brother: the infamous Baron Inferno. Get ready for another swashbuckling adventure!

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