Vikings, Nordic Gods, sorceresses, drakkars, princesses…. You will find all this and more in Jean Van Hamme and Grzegorz Rosinski’s cornerstone saga. The lowly Thorgal has the gall to love Aaricia, the daughter of the Chief. Condemned to death, he makes a pact with a sorceress to save his life. Thus begins an adventure on the fringes of reality. A quintessential cursed hero, Thorgal will have to confront fantastical and extraordinary forces in this mythical world. This series gave birth to Franco-Belgian heroic fantasy – not to be missed!

Trier par : Ancien

T32 Thorgal


Thorgal had a chance to destroy the Atlantean spaceship and its weapons, but couldn't bring himself to do it, as it also would have meant sacrificing Jolan. His aborted attempts, however, activated Neokora, the onboard AI. First contact was immediately hostile, and the two Vikings were soon forced to flee—both the machine, as well as the last survivors of the crew, long thought dead but now awakening. Including Slive the Sorceress, Thorgal's one-time ally, turned enemy...

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