Yann Calec is an officer in the French Merchant Marines and has a reputation for being hot-headed. He accepts the command of La Belle Hélène but soon lives to sorely regret the move. From here on, Yann Calec leads us from port to port and adventure to adventure in a true-to-life 1950s atmosphere.

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T1 Tramp


In the chilly gray port town of Rouen, De Trichère, a man who's made his fortune in shipping, is dying of cancer. He lost his wife to bombing during the war, and his daughter lost the use of her legs. Now the wheelchair-bound girl is all he has left, and he's willing to go to any lengths to secure her future. Cozying up to a former first mate with a reputation for sadism? Check. Insurance fraud on a massive scale? Check. Sending over fifty sailors to certain doom, sure, but even... murdering his own secretary when she finds out?

T2 Tramp


With his ship newly repaired and his journey underway, first-time captain Yann Calec is plying the tramp routes from South Africa to South America. Still reeling from his lover Esther's violent death, he is plagued by nightmares and the sneering insubordination of his second-in-command, René Floss. But remembered clues, strange events, and some vital information from a beautiful stowaway—a political refugee—will lead him down a trail revealing the full extent of De Trichère's sinister plans to scuttle the Belle Hélène. Will Calec manage to escape the shipowner's global web of co-conspirators?

T3 Tramp


Fate seems to have it in for Yann Calec, unjustly sentenced and harassed by guards in a godforsaken Colombian prison camp. He is saved from execution by when Ocaña shows up, a rebel intellectual tasked with smuggling him across the country to the mysterious Professor Condé. But the harrowing, perilous journey is nothing next to what awaits: a fortuitous return to the Belle Hélène, the doomed tramp steamer Calec once captained, still bound for its fateful date with a U-boat torpedo. Will Calec manage to save the ship and his new friends with their precious archeological cargo?

T4 Tramp


The devilish shipowner De Trichère has succeeded in his evil plan to scuttle his own ship and commit insurance fraud. This final chapter of the first arc finds Yann Calec adrift at sea after the Belle-Hélène is torpedoed by a U-boat. He and Rosanna are the only survivors. After fighting off shady fishermen and former Nazis, the two spend an idyll on a desert island... But for Calec, at least, vengeance beckons. He's been through too much to watch the people involved go unpunished. Will revenge cloud the mind of a good man and ruin his chance at happiness?

T5 Tramp


Yann Calec is back as the latest volume of "Tramp" kicks off a new cycle! A posting as first mate takes him down Africa's west coast, aboard a steamer whose captain is a petty tyrant with a terrible temper. Calec grins and bears it, but trouble has a way of finding him. When the captain's rotting corpse is discovered on the ocean floor, Calec is thrown into the middle of a murder investigation. Add on a shark attack, unruly Krumen cargo-loaders, a mysterious nun, and illicit diamonds... Soon Calec's wishing he stayed home with his wife and child!

T6 Tramp


As ever, Yann Calec finds himself captaining a steamer under suspicious circumstances: this time, the death of his superior officer. When the local cops look no farther for a suspect than an African longshoreman, Calec's passion for justice is aroused. But that's not the only mystery afoot, as a package of illicit diamonds goes missing. A sailor gets kidnapped, and only his finger is sent back. What does all this have to do with the late officer, much less the nun who was once his wife? The bodies continue to pile up as the Tramp saga wraps its latest two-parter.

T7 Tramp


Home in Rouen for a change, Yann Calec arrives just in time to save his downstairs neighbor from hanging himself. Little does Calec suspect this is the beginning of an adventure that will take him halfway around the world to French Indochina, the land of his childhood. But are his efforts to reconcile a grieving father and his estranged son just an excuse for him to find out the truth about his own past, and his father's mysterious fate? As if Calec's new job captaining a steamer in the war-torn region weren't perilous enough... Dive headlong into history and intrigue with a new arc of Tramp!

T8 Tramp


Captain Yann Calec is still far from home, in French Indochina, amidst the upheaval of simmering war. He's out to shed some light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding his estranged father's death and the subsequent disappearance of the elder Calec's mistress Ha Tu. In his quest, Yann encounters a cast of colorful characters: a former war correspondent, a beguiling nightclub hostess, and his own enigmatic comprador. When a possible lead winds up dead, Yann and Souên the hostess team up to untangle a web of lies and cover-ups that only leads them deeper into the politics and history of a troubled nation.

T9 Tramp


When Captain Yann Calec finds his father's former mistress Ha Tu at last, she's hiding out on a remote rubber plantation in dangerous territory. Little does he suspect that her account of a lost treasure and his father's last days will be cut short by some unwelcome visitors, the Durands, who force her to lead them to that very treasure, taking her young son—Calec's brother—as ransom. Calec is going to need help... and it will come from the unlikeliest place. Don't miss the riveting conclusion to the latest arc of "Tramp"!

T10 Tramp


At long last, Yann Calec is a captain—and it's his own ship! But the shipping lines he used to sail for don't look kindly on competition. The rich are arrayed against him—executives, bankers, town council members, even union leaders!—and pitting all their powers toward stopping him from refitting an old freighter. The few men willing to hire on with him are far from the cream of the crop. And when police find a night watchman's mutilated corpse aboard the drydocked vessel, things look grim for the young captain...

T11 Tramp


In the midst of a storm off the African coast, Yann Calec and his crew are dismayed to discover rifles in their cargo hold. Someone's made them into gun runners! With his Liberty ship and his living on the line, the young captain decides to double-cross the smugglers. Protests from his wife Rosanna fall on deaf ears, but Calec is wrong not to heed her: soon the smugglers have kidnapped their daughter, holding her hostage against the weapons' return. With nowhere but the underworld to turn, Calec is about to find out just how low he'll go to save his beloved Inès...

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