Ever heard of the nastiest, cruelest and dumbest grand vizier in the entire history of the caliphates? Iznogoud (that’s him) dreams of only one thing: “to be Caliph instead of the Caliph.” In short, he wants to take the place of Haroun El Poussah. In his power-hungry quest, he relies on his right-hand man, Dilat Laraht, whose strength is matched only by his stupidity. With Iznogoud, Goscinny and Tabary have created a humorous comic filled with puns and comical situations. Re-readings never fail to bring up little hidden details. A great Franco-Belgian comic classic not to be missed!

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T2 Iznogoud


Legend has it that in Baghdad the magnificent, a great and particularly dark-minded vizier, who answers to the name of Iznogoud, works on his ambition to steal the throne of Caliph Haroun al Plassid. Thus his favourite saying: “I want to be caliph instead of the caliph!” Iznogoud, seconded by his faithful servant Wa’at Alahf, goes on vacation with the caliph...in the desert! Of course, his goal is to get rid of him by any means necessary...

T3 Iznogoud


The Day of Misrule dawns in the magnificent city of Baghdad. Once a year, on this day, slaves take the place of their masters, masters become slaves, and grand viziers become caliphs instead of the caliph! But at midnight, everything goes back to normal.

Despite all his scheming and plotting to get rid of the Caliph, Iznogoud still hasn’t replaced him – will he ever give up?

T4 Iznogoud


In Baghdad, the Caliph’s Grand Vizier Iznogoud has one aim in life: to become Caliph instead of the Caliph. The benign ruler, Haroun al Plassid is blind to his vizier’s scheming to get rid of him and generally had rather take a nap. Iznogoud is faithfully seconded by Wa’at Alahf in trying to put his fiendish designs into action.

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