Chick the 1st isn't your average chicken coop newbie. He's plagued by existential questions and foments doubt in the farmyard where he was born. Both naive and eager to learn, but also a bit of a trouble-maker when it suits him, our chick questions the world around him in a series of hilarious sketches signed Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, a sort of modern-day fable writer, and the wonderfully playful artist, Janry. A refreshingly witty series taking another look at the big philosophical questions that are threaded into our present-day culture.

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T1 The Adventures of Chick the 1st


He's a chick unlike any other! Right from day one, Chick the 1st is beleaguered by the doubts and questions that come with the capacity to reason. When the farmyard dog asks him "What are you?", little does he suspect the turmoil of endless enigmas he provokes in our little chick's mind. While seeking answers to his endless questions, Chick the 1st shakes up all the social conventions of the chicken coop, causing scandal left, right and center. With the help of his Aunt Gallina and the mouse that devours books, Chick the 1st grapples with reality, both in the abstract and literal sense!

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