"He was one of Russia's most powerful oligarchs, but Koralovski's refusal to submit to political pressure cost him dearly: 10 years in prison. A pragmatic and patient man, he never dreamed that he would be freed by a missile attack. Now inadvertently on the run, he soon finds himself at the centre of a conspiracy aiming to cover up a fact of huge geostrategic importance. All we have heard about the oil running out is a lie!"

Trier par : Ancien

T1 Koralovski


Viktor Koralovski was Russia's Oil King--a title that earned him the wrath of President Khanine and ten years in prison. An unexpected missile attack allows Koralovski to escape. However, he soon learns that while he was locked up, his friends and enemies have become almost indistinguishable, which leads to his current position at the centre of a vast conspiracy that threatens to engulf the entire oil industry!

T2 Koralovski


Aboard the yacht that saved them, Koralovski and his companions are en route towards an off-shore laboratory belonging to his company. In fact, this is not just any laboratory; it's the laboratory that was developing a revolutionary process allowing the extraction of an entire petrol deposit that had supposedly run out. But when they arrive at the laboratory, the place is completely deserted...

T3 Koralovski


Koralovski's long-awaited confrontation with President Khanine is cut short when the threat of a nuclear attack on Kazakhstan comes to light, targeting one of the biggest oil deposits in the world. Not knowing the extent of enemy infiltration in their national security services, Koralovski and his team have no choice but to deal with the crisis themselves, and try to prevent the worst from happening.

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