"The new story of the Ligne Noire collection takes us to Sweden, in the tradition of today's greatest Scandinavian crime fiction. Recently graduated from the police academy in Stockholm, Lisa Forsberg, 26 years old, returns to Linköping, her hometown, as part of her first assignment. Alongside inspector Erik Linden, she is in charge of investigating the disappearance of Anton Wiger. This man is not completely unknown to her. In fact, they went to the same high school. Lisa remembers him being a difficult boy, aggressive and irresponsible... like she herself once was. Given his profile, it doesn't seem all that alarming that he has disappeared. However, as a big fan of the Motorcity festival that brings together old American car and rock'n'roll enthusiasts, it's surprising that Anton did not attend the event this time. The inspector and her partner interrogate the various protagonists involved closely or remotely with the disappearance. The mystery remains: how can you incriminate just one person when they all seem suspect? And what if the true victims are not who we initially thought they were?"

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Lisa Forsberg is a rookie cop who has just taken her first assignment in the small Swedish city where she was born. In her youth she was a troublemaker, part of a hard-living subculture called "raggare" who worship American rock'n'roll and vintage cars from the 1950s. Now Lisa finds herself thrown back into this world when she is sent to investigate a missing person report involving people she went to school with. She and her partner, Erik Lund, will uncover secrets that put them in harm's way and bring them face-to-face with the unspeakable.

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