"Germany, 1924. Hitler is in jail after his failed coup d'Etat. Two visitors come to offer him a deal: a mysterious and powerful consortium is willing to give him the means to rise to power. Once he's reached his goal, there will be just one condition: he will have to implement scientific research programs in military, industrial and, especially, medical domains... In present day United States, Jay Novacek, a depressed, alcoholic young New York trader gets a visit from two army emissaries. His father, a high-ranking officer of the US Air Force, has just died under mysterious circumstances. His inheritance consists of an American flag and ... a Nazi medallion! Immediately, the CIA sends a recruit to protect the son of the deceased. Meanwhile, near Langley military base in Virginia, a Mossad agent kills a spy after a harsh interrogation. Armed with new information, he moves towards his next target: Jay Novacek. In the darkest hours of history, a terrible plot unfurls, threatening the entire human race. Is it already too late to stop it? The adaptation of the novel by David S. Khara."

Trier par : Ancien

T1 The Bleiberg Project


The life of Jeremy Corbin, an unhappy, alcoholic Wall Street trader, takes a drastic turn when he learns shocking news about his long-lost father. He soon finds himself headed to Switzerland to pick up a mysterious safe deposit box whose contents hold the key to a terrible secret: horrific experiments carried out by the Nazis during WWII in their quest to create the Superman. With modern-day Nazis on his tail, a pretty, wise-cracking CIA agent assigned to protect him, and a deadly spy from Israeli intelligence blasting onto the scene at the most critical moments, his early-morning cocktail is suddenly the last thing on Jeremy's mind.

T2 The Bleiberg Project


Jeremy Corbin and his two new BFFs, i.e. the Mossad and CIA intelligence agents assigned to protect him, travel to Belgium to pursue their quest for answers regarding the identity and plans of the secret and highly influential organization known as The Consortium. In between dodging brutal attempts on their lives and getting to know each other better, the trio uncovers more terrifying information about the Bleiberg Project carried out in Nazi concentration camps during WWII, which was not as unsuccessful as previously thought and which could very well present a new and much greater threat.

T3 The Bleiberg Project


In the conclusion of this suspenseful and chilling tale of Nazis, human experiments, and world domination, Jeremy Corbin and his two special agent sidekicks find themselves trapped in an underground scientific facility where the Consortium and its evil scientists have devised a plan to force their Aryan Superman program onto all of humanity... at the cost of approximately five billion lives. To prevent this cataclysm, they will have to face threats they never expected, from both past and present.

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