"Following the success of Dieu n'a pas réponse à tout and Les Cobayes, Tonino Benacquista and Nicolas Barral have teamed up again for this latest album. Paul Baron is a World Records judge. He spends his time weighing oversized marrows, spectating at all sorts of unusual events and, basically, adjudicating just about any activity anyone can come up with in the hope of getting their name in the record books. It's all innocent enough fun. Until someone attempts to break the world record for murder..."

Trier par : Ancien

T1 World records guide


Egg-balancing, hotdog-eating, baton-twirling—these are a few of the records people try to break in order to find themselves included in the World Book of Records. For those who make into the book, Paul Baron, a judge at the publication, is a hero. For others, whose dreams he denies, he's a villain. After one man's plan to achieve renown is destroyed, Paul learns that the man may have lost everything else, but he hasn't lost hope—the hope of joining other record-breakers in the book. But the record the man hopes to break is terrible, and Paul unfortunately has a role in his project.

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