"Catherine is a 72‐year‐old widow. Her son, 43‐year‐old Michel, still lives with her. Michel is disabled as a result of a car accident he was involved in when he was 20. He was the driver. He came out of it alive, unlike his friends who were passengers in the car... Bit by bit, the authors make us privy to the main character's daily life. Trying to capture her emotions, her feelings, trying to convey in a few pages a whole life of sacrifice and love. And what a beautiful life it is."

Trier par : Ancien

T1 "While the king of Prussia was waging war, who do you think was darning his socks?"


Mrs. Hubeau looks after her 40-year-old handicapped son, Michel. Despite many happy moments, her daily life is far from easy, but she faces it with unparalleled courage and generosity. This is a beautiful homage to all the admirable people fighting in the shadows.

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