"In an Eastern Bloc country that is still under the Communist yoke, after an innocent kiss with a classmate, a little boy finds himself under attack from his head teacher. It soon becomes clear that the school is trying to get him to denounce his father, a dissident writer."

Trier par : Ancien

T1 You can't just kiss anyone you want


A little boy tries to kiss a little girl. No big deal. The little girl gets away and sends the little boy packing. Nothing more than an anecdote amongst many others of any normal childhood. But if this event takes place at school in a Socialist republic, half way through a propaganda movie, years before the wall is even showing the slightest sign of giving out... Well, it's asking for trouble. This is the story of two children in a society in which paranoia and obsessive control mean that even the most innocent gesture can be blown completely out of proportion.

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