Harem Marriage - Harem Marriage 14
Harem Marriage - Harem Marriage 14

T14 Harem Marriage

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Tome Harem Marriage 14

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"""I'll leave the family."" Yuzu, the first wife of the Date family, is pregnant, and it's anyone's guess who the father could be. Confused and distraught, she flees... En lire plus





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The Date family wouldn't be the Date family if they didn't have a bit of drama in their life. That's partly why the Harem Marriage series is so fun to read (the other part is the delicious drawings. The interesting angles, the women, the roundness!) But when Yuzu announced her pregnancy it wasn't meant to be drama. It was a happy occasion, and Koharu was the happiest of them all. In the last volume, we saw it had a lot to do with Yuzu's feelings for an ex-lover that are still present in her... En lire plus