Harem Marriage - Harem Marriage 16
Harem Marriage - Harem Marriage 16

T16 Harem Marriage

NON 197 pages
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Tome Harem Marriage 16

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The Dates welcome a new addition to the family, and his name is baby Rinnosuke! The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child, but a harem has to be a close second, right? Koharu struggles... En lire plus





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  • 26/04/2022



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The Harem Marriage Series by NON is one of my favorite series! It has an untraditional love story and it's a heartwarming story about family. And then I can talk for hours about how amazing the art is in this story. You should definitely check it out for the art alone! Volume 16 is full of lovely family scenes as the baby has arrived. Rinnosuke is the cutest baby ever and fast becomes the darling of the family. Koharu worries about what her place is in the family, while Ryu is living on a... En lire plus