Harem Marriage - Harem Marriage 4
Harem Marriage - Harem Marriage 4

T4 Harem Marriage

NON 196 pages
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Tome Harem Marriage 4

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Meet Koharu, Mrs. Date number three! Provoked by her husband's constant needling, Koharu rises to the occasion and uncharacteristically bursts into the bath with him,... En lire plus





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  • 27/04/2021



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I really, really enjoyed volume 4 of the Harem Marriage series by NON. I'm addicted to this story and will check out if the mangaka has released other stories in English! Must read more by this clever mangaka. Koharu, our female main character, suddenly remembers Ryo, her husband, from when they were kids, and it's the beginning of a fight where she leaves the Date home and, possibly, also her goodbye to the harem marriage. Cue, me loving all the drama that follows and the characters growth on... En lire plus