Harem Marriage - Harem Marriage 6
Harem Marriage - Harem Marriage 6

T6 Harem Marriage

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Tome Harem Marriage 6

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"I'm really in love with him, aren't I...?" While the Date family enjoys their long-overdue honeymoon at an upscale resort, Koharu makes it her mission to get to know... En lire plus




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  • 22/06/2021



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I love all the feelings I get when reading the Harem Marriage series by NON. It´s a slow burn romance with tender moments, sexy scenes and heartbreak in between. I love it! In Volume 6 we get a honeymoon chapter! While harem is a theme you can find in many mangas, I think the Harem Marriage Series is the first story that I've met that are solely focusing on exploring why the different characters choose a harem marriage. The Date family are such an entertaining mix. I think Yuzu, wife no. 1, is... En lire plus