Harem Marriage - Harem Marriage 7
Harem Marriage - Harem Marriage 7

T7 Harem Marriage

NON 197 pages
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Tome Harem Marriage 7

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"Does it make you happy? To know you're woman number three?" In the one city in Japan where polygamous marriage (AKA: Harem Marriage) is legal, Koharu is not only... En lire plus





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  • 27/07/2021



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Volume 7 of the Harem Marriage series by NON had me crying tears. The Harem Marriage series is my new addiction. I applaud the mangaka for writing such an amazing story that plays with all my feelings. It balances humour and heavy subjects perfectly. Koharu's mother and father were the only two that didn't show up to her wedding with Ryunosuke, Yuzu and Madoka. In some ways, you can't blame them because Koharu has a personality where she fast loses interest in things and they want her to stop... En lire plus