Island in a Puddle - Island in a Puddle 4
Island in a Puddle - Island in a Puddle 4

T4 Island in a Puddle

Kei Sanbe 194 pages
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Tome Island in a Puddle 4

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BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE Mistaken for Kuromatsu, a ruthless killer known in the underworld as “The Neck Breaker,” Minato finds himself caught between... En lire plus




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  • 11/10/2022



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Kuromatsu’s plans go off the rails when Nagisa finds the mobile phone and Futaba watches in horror the murder video. What none of them know (yet) is that the real killer is really close by… Is Minato their only hope? This volume increases the tension tenfold and splits the cast in two unlikely teams - both being hunted by the same cruel, unrelenting enemy. The cat and mice game hides an even bigger mystery related to the Myojin family - one that Kuromatsu must solve if he’s hoping to get out of... En lire plus