Dolly Kill Kill - Dolly Kill Kill 1
Dolly Kill Kill - Dolly Kill Kill 1

T1 Dolly Kill Kill

Yûsuke Nomura 194 pages
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Tome Dolly Kill Kill 1

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Iruma Ikaruga is living his best high-school life... until mascot- looking aliens from another world invade with their flesh-eating bugs, seemingly hell-bent on... En lire plus




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  • 21/04/2020



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Sa note:
Artist YÛSUKE NOMURA and author YUKIAKI KURANDO bring you their first manga from Kodansha Comics, “Dolly Kill Kill.” This is a sci-fi/horror genre manga that is a fresh take on the alien invasion stories where the aliens aren’t the giant lizards, tentacle monsters, bug hybrids and whatnots. They are giant dolls and plushies. With human sucking vacuums and other weapons to eradicate humanity and take over Earth. NOMURA’S artwork is really good in this manga. It has less of the traditional types... En lire plus