Sweat and Soap - Sweat and Soap 3
Sweat and Soap - Sweat and Soap 3

T3 Sweat and Soap

Kintetsu Yamada 210 pages
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Tome Sweat and Soap 3

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The office romance between the quiet and sweet accountant Asako, who’s spent her life ashamed of how much she sweats, and rising star of the bath and toiletry world... En lire plus




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  • 18/08/2020



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Sweat and Soap Vol 3 by Kintetsu Yamada is such a satisfying read on so many levels. It's fun, the characters are quirky and the love is realistic and healthy. It's a character-driven story. The story is a portray of a naturally progressing relationship. The scenes are not surprising, but the characters are so unique that they make them interesting. We have Asako, a quiet and shy woman, that are embarrassed by how much she sweat. And then we have Koutarou, a popular soap designer, that loves... En lire plus