Witch Hat Atelier - Witch Hat Atelier 4
Witch Hat Atelier - Witch Hat Atelier 4

T4 Witch Hat Atelier

Kamome Shirahama 194 pages
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Tome Witch Hat Atelier 4

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"TWISTED PATHS Can Coco and her friends pass their most harrowing test yet? Or will the nefarious Brimmed Caps end their journey towards witch-hood?! Now that Coco... En lire plus





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  • 12/11/2019



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L’avis de Sorcered
Sa note:
It's mating season for the scale wolves - they bump into each other to shed their dangerous scales, to protect their newborns from injury, and Agott reveals quite a lot about herself with the simple line “If they didn’t feel the need to form pairs, they could keep their armor on at all times.” The same goes for Richen, who reluctantly lets Coco into her hideout, but says “I’m only interested in my own spells. I don’t need anyone else’s magic. I refuse to let mine be tainted.” Obviously, the two... En lire plus