Witch Hat Atelier - Witch Hat Atelier 7
Witch Hat Atelier - Witch Hat Atelier 7

T7 Witch Hat Atelier

Kamome Shirahama 178 pages
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Tome Witch Hat Atelier 7

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As the new trial comes to an end, one of Coco’s rewards from Beldaruit the Wise is the story of Qifrey’s past and how he came to desire the mysteries of magic. Feeling... En lire plus





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  • 29/12/2020



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L’avis de Sorcered
Sa note:
“Magic is no miracle. Not a power meant to grant any wish.” ...and yet, all the main characters of this volume seem to disregard Beldaruit The Wise’s words in some way. Coco can’t accept there’s no solution for any problem (and lo and behold, “So long as you don’t stop imagining, you’ll be able to produce any number of answers. That is the essence of magic.” says Quifrey. Looks like he truly is the best teacher Coco can have, right?), Quifrey won’t stop his revenge quest, and Olruggio can’t... En lire plus