How Do You Do, Koharu? - How Do You Do, Koharu? 1
How Do You Do, Koharu? - How Do You Do, Koharu? 1

T1 How Do You Do, Koharu?

Kanae Hazuki 164 pages
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Tome How Do You Do, Koharu? 1

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19-year-old Koharu would rather be livestreaming than working her job at a maid cafe or trying to find a boyfriend out in the wide world. On her stream she chats with... En lire plus




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  • 23/02/2021



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How do you do, Koharu? Vol 1 by Kanae Hazuki has a slow build-up but is a lovely story about wanting to connect to other people and be accepted for who you are. Koharu works at a maid cafe by day, and in her spare time, she loves doing live streams. She's admired at work and online, but it comes with a lot of expectations. At work, she's the sempai that has to know all the answers and take care of problems when they arise. Online she has to be perfect and always cheerful, even if she had a... En lire plus