Star⇄Crossed!! - Star⇄Crossed!! 2
Star⇄Crossed!! - Star⇄Crossed!! 2

T2 Star⇄Crossed!!

Junko 166 pages
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Tome Star⇄Crossed!! 2

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Ultra-passionate fan Azusa Asahina and her favorite pop star, Chikashi Chida, are in an accident and switch bodies! Not knowing the cause of the switch, Azusa is a bit... En lire plus





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  • 28/04/2020



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Star Crossed Vol 2 by Junko is laugh out loud hilarious and a fujoshi's dream. Chika and Asuza are trapped in involuntary body swapping. While they try to find out what causes it, Chika's manager and the only one that knows about the body-swapping helps them so they are close at all times if they body switch. Now's Chika in her class and her new neighbour. Chika's and Asuza's strange behaviour is noticed by the ones close to them, and the situations they get into made the pages turn real quick.... En lire plus