Cells at Work! CODE BLACK - Cells at Work! CODE BLACK 1
Cells at Work! CODE BLACK - Cells at Work! CODE BLACK 1

T1 Cells at Work! CODE BLACK

Shigemitsu Harada & Issei Hatsuyoshia 162 pages
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Tome Cells at Work! CODE BLACK 1

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THE CONTENT OF ADULTS There are trillions of cells in the human body, and they all have to work hard to keep that body alive. But what if that body isn’t taking great... En lire plus




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Today is RBC’s first day at work. So far, he learned his way through his huge maze of a town, reached his destination, delivered his load, got showered with invectives by the angry recipient, got stuck in a traffic jam, fought some guys that illegally dumped garbage in the middle of the street, helped patch holes in the same street, barely escaped a poison gas attack, survived a zombie invasion, dodged a huge alien-looking monster trying to skewer him, and fell in love with the white haired... En lire plus