Tokyo Revengers - Tokyo Revengers 25
Tokyo Revengers - Tokyo Revengers 25

T25 Tokyo Revengers

Ken Wakui 191 pages
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Tome Tokyo Revengers 25

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Takemichi leaped ten years into the past to when he was in high school. That’s when he learns of the Rokuhara Tandai, Brahman, and Kanto Manji gangs. It’s the "Era of... En lire plus




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  • 12/04/2022



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“The battle of the three deities begins!” yells Senju Kawaragi at the end of Brahman’s general meeting, after introducing Takemichi as their newest member. Yep, they’re planning to take on the two other gangs at the same time… Learning that the head of the Brahman Gang is a girl is far from the most shocking moment of this volume. For me, the weirdest thing that happens is that Takemichi starts having visions - is all that time travel impacting him negatively? Or is he really seeing the future?... En lire plus