"A docudrama which follows the lives of two young Cameroonian footballers in the clutches of a rogue agent. Originally from a small village in Cameroon, Urbain and Ahmadou are teenagers hoping for a better life. Young prodigies of football, the two friends are spotted by a French agent in charge of recruiting the great players of tomorrow. The man suggests that they come to France, promising to find them a professional club, where they will be able to really demonstrate their talent. Not without difficulties and sacrifices, Urban and Ahmadou eventually raise the necessary amount of money for their journey and arrive in France... where the image of a bright future gives way to utter disillusionment. Victims of a scam, they can no longer go back: without papers or money, it is impossible to return to their country. Promised a great career at the beginning, Urbain falls into hiding, where any chance of success seems to be compromised."

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T1 Le contrepied de Foé


Le Contrepied de Foé est le nouveau one-shot des auteurs de Lip, Laurent Galandon et Damien Vidal. Ils nous content le parcours d'Urbain, jeune passionné de football au Cameroun, dont les rêves de gloire vont être exploités par un agent véreux. Le voici abandonné à Paris, sans papiers et sans un sou en poche... À travers la destinée d'Urbain, les auteurs dévoilent avec justesse l'une des faces cachées du football et le quotidien d'un clandestin en France.

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