"Coralie is a 28-year-old, mixed-race, Franco-Asian woman who finds herself alone for the first time in her life following her recent separation. The isolation in which she slowly shuts herself away is punctuated by visits from her brother and then by lessons in capoeira, a Brazilian martial art which she just signed up to. In trying to understand what went wrong in her relationship, she realizes that she doesn't know herself very well. Particularly her ""Asian side"", which really jumped out at her when she met Axel, her new colleague with slanted eyes, yet 100% native to France. She tries to share her questions with her brother, but it is ultimately among the eclectic crowd of capoeristas where her questions have the most responses. Especially with Kamel, a Kabylian man full of existential questions himself, with whom she shares long hours of discussion. Together, they examine their heritage as children of immigrants, from subconscious cultural transmission to the things their parents always avoided saying. Finally, it is the journey to Algeria to visit the grave of Kamel's father which frees her of the weight of her ancestors and allows her to move on with life and find love again...To finally know where she came from in order to know where she is going... and for her in turn to be able to pass on her heritage."

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Le nouveau one-shot de Vanyda ! Après une rupture, Coralie, Franco-Asiatique de 28 ans, ressent le besoin d'explorer ses origines. Pour comprendre qui elle est, cette jeune femme va décortiquer son héritage d'enfant d'immigré. Un récit introspectif, un véritable condensé d'émotions tout en douceur. Une quête identitaire contemporaine légère et fraîche comme une brise.

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