"•De laatste tien jaar van de Amerikaanse geschiedenis belicht op een doldwaze, sarcastische manier à la ""The Great Dictator"" van Charlie Chaplin. •Een opeenvolging van krankzinnige sketches die nauw aansluiten op de huidige internationale politiek van Amerika. •Een hilarische strip die met bijtende humor de controversiële persoonlijkheid van president George W. Bush onder vuur neemt..."

Trier par : Ancien

T1 Mister President


Across the ocean, there is a wonderful, magical land. A paradise of free markets and genetically-altered chicken! This land, still young and full of hope (except for gays and Puerto Ricans) truly does exist. It is called the United States of America, and its ruler is Mister President.

T2 Mister President


He is reelected! And the watchword of his new term is better international politics. Everyone take cover! In this second volume, Mister President travels to the Old World, starting with a trip to France. But the ghost of General de Gaulle is lurking in the halls of the Elysée in Paris, and he insists on giving Mister President a hard time. The death of Arafat and the pope are among the other trippy, absurd obstacles he has to face.

T3 Mister President


Being the boss of the free world is a full-time job. Sometimes there are tasks that just don't get seen all the way through to the end. The solution in here: time travel! In this volume, Mister President teams up with the scientists at the Pentagon to travel back in time and try to change the future to his advantage. Will he succeed?

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