Thick Skins - Thick Skins
Thick Skins - Thick Skins

Thick Skins

Laurent Genefort & Serge Le Tendre & Pasquale Frisenda 105 pages
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Tome Thick Skins

Résumé de l'éditeur Humanoids

Thick-skins are humans genetically modified to work in space without a suit. Lark is a former thick-skinned man who became a mercenary after having his skin removed. When he receives an encrypted... En lire plus



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  • 26/04/2022



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Comic book adaptation of Laurent Genefort's novel - the story is all in the title. The "Thick-Skins" are humans genetically modified to survive in space without a spacesuit. Their skin is their strongest asset - and the reason why they are hunted like beasts. The album is really one long, relentless hunt, a bloody action story where the body count never ends. Lark, the former thick-skinned man turned elite mercenary, and Windy, an anthropology student with mysterious tattoos, hunt the Nomaral... En lire plus