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V.1 - C.4 - Anno Dracula: 1895 - Seven Days of Mayhem

Kim Newman  & Paul McCaffrey  & Bambos Georgiou  & Kevin Enhart


Riassunto dell’editore Titan Comics

Vampiric journalist Kate Reed is a member of a secret cabal of anarchists called the Council of the Seven Days who have sworn to overthrow the despotic rule of the Prince Regent, Count Dracula. However when Kate learns of Council's plot to bomb Dracula's planned Tin Jubilee celebrations and the subsequent backlash that action would unleash she is forced to make a decision. One that could make her the enemy of not only the Council, the State but also her best friend, Penelope Churchwood, the mastermind behind the celebration. But with the clock ticking, Kate must act before it is too late...

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Volume : 1 - Anno Dracula: 1895 - Seven Days of Mayhem - Volume 1 - Chapter 4