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Disney Presents

Bruno Enna


Riassunto dell’editore Dark Horse

Enter a world where vampires rise up from the shadows in this adaptation of Bram Stocker's Dracula that stars Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Goofy! Jonathan Ratker (Mickey Mouse) receives a warm invitation from the mysterious Dracula, welcoming him to his castle in Beetsylvania. His objective is to close a deal for his law firm, but he soon finds Dracula's reputation is not without merit, and he is a prisoner in the castle! Ratker seeks refuge in writing letters to his love, Minnina, hoping to one day return to her. Meanwhile, Minnina's dear friend, Clara-Lucia, has fallen ill after an encounter with an unidentified creature. As her friend grows ever so pale, delirious, and begins spouting nonsense, Minnina seeks the aid of a doctor specializing in the supernatural, Goofy Van Helsing! What is happening to Clara-Lucia and was she chosen to befall ill? What Goofy Van Helsing discovers is more disturbing than anything they have ever seen . . . The supernatural is at play, and Jonathan Ratker must find a way to escape the castle and stop Dracula from going after who he loves most!

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Disney Dracula, starring Mickey Mouse