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V.4 - C.3 - Millennium

Sylvain Runberg  & Belen Ortega  & Rachel Zerner


Riassunto dell’editore Titan Comics

Kidnapped by a mysterious group known only as Sparta, Trinity, Bob, and Plague have nearly lost all hope of finding Lisbeth alive. But Lisbeth and Mikael are determined to rescue their friends and figure out what the Sapo are up to, despite Mikael’s name being dragged through the mud once again, and his career in jeopardy. This story is much bigger than Millennium, with political tensions and violence rising across the country. And Lisbeth and Mikael are about to blow it wide open.

Seguito del riassunto

Volume : 4 - Millennium - Volume 4 - The Girl Who Danced With Death - Chapter 3