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Enjoy the works of a great artist with incredible storytelling and drawing skills! Characters act from the tops of their heads to the tips of their fingers and toes! We've warned you; now you'll have to check by yourself ;)!

Discover a great artist!
Discover Jordi Lafebre!

Our community top picks

Kounodori: Dr. Stork 1
«I have written and rewritten this review so many times because I am not sure what to think of Kounodori: Dr Stork Vol 1 by You Suzunoki. It lived up to my expectations. I hoped it would be a behind the scenes with the people that work at a birth ward...» Read more
Police in a Pod 1
«Police in a Pod Vol 1 by Miko Yasu is a story about the taxing but important job the police corps do. Female police officer Kawai thought being a police officer would be an easy and steady job. Instead, the work environment is full of macho men that ...» Read more