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Elecboy The Wall of Time Sa note

T 4 Elecboy

‘‘Yes, this final volume not only doesn't disappoint, it impresses: it cleverly closes the series, answers all the questions, and both the writing and the artwork are even more polished than before. Salaun has planned his series carefully, and what might have seemed like an easy plot twist...‘‘ Lire la suite
The Other Jerusalem Sa note

T 0 The Other Jerusalem

‘‘After "Second Generation" (an extraordinary autobiographical account of ordinary men under the weight of History with a capital H), Michel Kichka once again makes room for memory. From the pandemic peace of 2020 to childhood recollections, his artistic journey and his ideological battles,...‘‘ Lire la suite
The Mist-Walker 1. The Breath of Things Sa note

T 1 The Mist-Walker

‘‘"One tree will not protect us from the storm". / Heroic feminist fantasy, post-apocalyptic fairy tale in which humans are true beasts, beasts are sometimes shapeshifters, and witches and ogres hold what's left of humanity in their hearts - before the murderous fog swallows them all up....‘‘ Lire la suite
Portraits Sa note

T 0 Portraits

‘‘1838. Louis Daguerre disembarks on a small island in the Aegean Sea, carrying heavy clothes and a heavier crate. The trunk contains a daguerreotype, which its inventor secretly wants to present to an old friend. But Taki's house is all the way up, on top of the island... Meanwhile, Marko...‘‘ Lire la suite