Bartolomé Segui Nicolau

Author biography Bartolomé Segui Nicolau

Bartolomé Seguí was born in Palma in Mallorca in 1962. His career began in the mid-1980s, when magazines such as Madriz, El Vibora, Cairo, El Jueves, Nosotros somos los muertos and Esquitx regularly featured his work. His first album, "A salto de mata" (Complot, 1989) is a compilation of adventures of the charismatic Simón Feijoo, which brings together stories originally published in the journal Madrid. Simón Feijoo came back on the scene with "Cohibas connection", scripted by Carles Santamaria, and " ¿Coca o ensaimada?" - two albums published by Ponent in 2001 and 2003. Bartolomé Seguí has also worked on "Lola y Ernesto" (1990, La Cúpula), "Luigi are Luis" (written by Sònia Delgado, 1991 Milán), and "Mexican Dream" (written by Ramón de España, 2004 collection). His various collaborations with Felipe H. Cava produced the remarkable "Nous sommes les Maures" (1998, Amok), "Les Serpents aveugles" (2008), "Les racines du chaos" (2015) and "Les Mains obscures de l'oubli" (2014), all three published by Dargaud. In addition to comics, he has illustrated many children's books. Since Seguí met Philippe Ostermann (Dargaud's editorial director) at the 2005 Barcelona Comics Festival, he encouraged him to send his projects. Two years later, Segui and Cava - two major authors on the Spanish comics scene - released the afore mentioned "Les Serpents aveugles" with the Parisian publishing house. At the 2009 Barcelona Comics Festival, the album received the prize for the best work and best script. He was also awarded the Critics Award and the National Comics Award by the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

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